For water testing Item Name:PROGRAM-CONTROLLED AND QUANTITATIVE        SEALER Use:  For  the   detection of total coliforms, Escherichia coli, fecal coliforms in water quality by enzyme substrate method Reliability:No leaks, no holes Stability:Can detect more than 40,000 samples, with a service life of more than 5 years Convenience:  On/off and reverse buttons, automatic stop function Digital display window, cleaning window Fast   No need sterile room, 24h detection of total coliforms, Escherichia coli, fecal coliforms in water

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PARAETER Program-controlled quantitative sealing technical indicators

01 Name Program-controlled quantitative sealing machine
02 Use For the detection of total coliforms, Escherichia coli, fecal coliforms in water quality by enzyme substrate method
03 Reliability No leaks, no holes
04 Stability Can detect more than 40,000 samples, with a service life of more than 5 years
05 Convenience On/off and reverse buttons, automatic stop function Digital display window, cleaning window
06 Fast No need sterile room, 24h detection of total coliforms, Escherichia coli, fecal coliforms in water
07 Weight ≤16kg
08 Size 39*27*30cm
09 Preheat time ≤14min
10 Noise ≤50dba
11 Housing temperature ≤40°C
12 Operating Voltage AC 220V士10%, 50Hz
13 Sealing speed 51 holes / 97 holes Quantitative detection disc sealing time 12 seconds/piece
14 Working temperature -10°C~50°C
02 Detection range With 51-hole quantitative detection plate detection range, water sample is not diluted. Compatible with the detection range of the 97-well quantitative detection plate, the water sample is not diluted.
Note: The equipment comes standard with 51-hole rubber pad and 97-hole rubber pad, operation manual, power cord, power fuse, and ISO and CE certification.

Handheld Uv Analyzer With Darkroom

01 Name Handheld Uv Analyzer
02 Operating Voltage Dual wavelength (254nm, 366nm)
03 Detection range AC 220V土10%, 50Hz


Enzyme substrate method detection reagent Colitech 2h box 1 box 200 pcs/box
Quantitative bottle with 100ml scale box 1 box 200 pcs/box
Quantitative orifice plate/ Quantitative detection plate 51 or 97 holes cartons 1 cartons 100 pcs/carton

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